Simba Receives Award “The Most Outstanding Disability Support Services Organisation in Australasia”

Simba Support Services has been awarded the status of being the Most Outstanding Disability Support Organization in Australasia of 2018. This enablement award, created by the NDIS Update news media platform, is an honor and sign of the dedicated commitment that Simba has towards assisting people with disabilities.

Victor Victor (Director) photographed accepting the award.

To receive this notable award, Simba has demonstrated its commitment to helping those who are unable to live a normal life. They provided services that are based on care, compassion, and community. Assisting people with a disability on the daily operations and activities they need and want to be able to do is a significant focus for Simba. Beyond providing the basic necessities people with different abilities need, they are also give acceptance and love.

In more detail, Sigma Support Services offers various programs, group outings, and personalized activities, to make the lives of individuals as enjoyable as possible. The amount of creativity, care, and knowledge that Sigma involves in their services shows they aspire to provide meaningful experiences to their clients. They encourage interaction, no matter who someone is. The activities they put together involve everyone, ensuring nobody feels left out. Families and individuals alike are guided towards positive social interaction with the community, which elevates their self-esteem and feeling that they are a part of the community.

It is easy to see why Simba has received the award for being the Most Outstanding Disability Organization in Australasia in 2018. Their firm commitment to making the lives of people with disability better shows that they’re passionate about their mission.

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