Simba Support Services has rolled out its new website for its support services. The updated site is more user-friendly and a breeze to navigate, as well as being more interactive. If you are looking for help with someone who struggles with living a normal life due to their disabilities, Simba would be happy to help you.

Some of the services offered by Simba included general household services, which include cleaning, home & yard maintenance, and laundry, as well as meal preparation & delivery. Personalized activities that encourage, empower, and support individuals with different abilities. Some of these which include diverse group outings, day and one-on-one programs, and customized activities. Simba firmly believes that everyone is entitled to live an enjoyable and active life, no matter how abled they may be.

Whether you have a loved one that struggles with autism, behavioral needs, intellectual disabilities, visual impairments, head injuries, cerebral palsy, orthopedic needs, or other needs, Simba is ready to help.

With the unveiling of this new website, Simba has made it easy to learn about what services they provide, offering an easy way to get in touch to start the journey towards increasing the ownership of taking once own quality of life back.

Get in contact with us today 03 5608 0954 or email at