Simba Would Like To Introduce You To Their New Respite House!

Simba Support Services offers short-term accommodation and assistance at the Respite House for clients whilst allowing some carers to take a break when needed to recharge. Let us care for you and engage you in exciting activities!

Located in Drouin 3818

What The Respite House Offers:

The Respite House offers 4 spacious and furnished bedrooms, 2 individual living rooms, a large kitchen, laundry, bathroom and a great backyard for activities! The living rooms are both furnished with couches, beanbags, and televisions. The kitchen also is a great space for meal preparation and hobby cooking for clients.

Meals are provided by the Respite House and meal plans are organised before the client arrives, they are able to provide their preferences, intolerances and allergies.

The Care We Provide:

We provide 24/7 short-term care arrangements through individual or shared accommodation. This care can be for a maximum of 4 people, however individual support can be arranged. Simba can provide support on a casual, regular, or emergency basis. Simba’s friendly support workers will assist you during your stay, including cooking, cleaning, self-care assistance and community outings.

What Can I Do At The Respite House?

A bus with wheelchair access is available at the Respite House for community access, this enables the client to venture out into the community for cafes, parks, shops or a day trip somewhere.

Puzzles, books, craft activities and a sandpit are all offered at the Respite House for clients staying, however clients are encouraged to bring activities that interest them too.


Suite 11, 2/24 Mason St, Warragul VIC 3820