You’ll feel at home here at Simba Support Services

Our passionate team is experienced and committed to providing care and compassion to people with disabilities, or elderly Australians, helping you lead a fulfilling life.

Advocating for the rights of individuals in our community is in our nature at Simba Support Services. Our team wholeheartedly backs all individuals’ rights to determining their best choices, and achieving their best outcomes.

Our brand of unbiased, dedicated services are tailored to each individual’s requirements. We communicate sensitively and openly with each person to discuss specific needs.

Our highly qualified personnel are your trusted team, helping you identify the tools and resources you need to retain control of your independent living.

    Our mission is to:
    • Provide high-quality, compassionate support and care that empowers families, individuals and communities to live the best version of their lives.
    • Support our extended family to attain the fullest possible productivity, employment, and inclusion in everyday life.
    • Advocate for rights and choices, and educate the wider community to improve understanding and awareness of all people seeking to live a full life.

    We empower a progressive team that is committed to promoting responsive and innovative services for our valued community.

    Our vision is to empower, encourage and support people and ideas to build a strong and compassionate community.

    Here at Simba Support Services, our values are the foundations from which we serve the community sincerely to our best abilities. Our core values motivate us to achieve our long-term vision and mission.

    Community: We are part of the community. We create and enable a cohesive community that is built on trust, autonomy, independence, and respect. We support communities that are in need of genuine service. At Simba Support Services, we are one. No one is left behind.

    Care: We genuinely care about client outcomes and strive to provide the highest quality support to our clients. At Simba Support Services, personalised care has always been our utmost priority. We believe that achieving service excellence means Simba should serve with care. Here, you can be assured that you will be taken care of.

    Compassion: All of our interactions are based on compassion and respect for each other. We cultivate kindness in our community that encourages consideration and sharing empathy with one another. Our compassion drives us to continue helping others for household tasks and personalised activities.

    We strongly believe that all people deserve a caring envronment to live a healthy life.

    Child Safety Commitment

    Simba Support Services management, staff and volunteers are strongly committed to providing high quality services. Our assistance focuses on ensuring child safety at all cost, as we practise the following measures:

    Upholding “Zero Tolerance” for child abuse
    Prioritising the child’s interest and keeping him/her safe from harm
    Supporting and respecting children with disabilities from diverse cultures.

    Our Story

    Welcome to our family. Simba has created a strong community where you’ll feel connected and valued.

    “Simba has been established because of its strong meaning. It means strength, togetherness, and cohesion.

    Our experienced team thrive on building connections with others through participating in social support services. Our peers, clients and service providers all become a part of our network and our family. We haven’t forgotten the importance of keeping our clients as the centre focus of our practice.

    You are the reason we are here.

    Giving people the care and attention they need and deserve ensures our services are client-focused and look after the individual’s well-being.

    It is this sense of togetherness, of family, that is highly valued and is the core of Simba Support Services.

    We value and appreciate difference. Our welcoming and open-minded way of communicating allows us to effectively reach out to each client, regardless of disability or cultural background. We communicate clearly, directly, and openly. We employ various ways of communication. These include face-to-face discussions, phone conversations, using interpreters, using simplified English, etc.”

    Yours Sincerely,
    Victor VictorDirector



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