All Committee Members have an important role to play in Simba Support Services. As a Committee Member, you share the following responsibilities with all Committee Members:


  1. Planning – establishing and reviewing strategic and operational plans.
  2. Policy and decision making – establishing policies/procedures and record decisions and actions on matters concerning the Simba Support Services.
  3. Management – making sure everyone does their job, that the Simba Support Services is properly administered, and that the Committee is actively involved in the activities of the group.
  4. Legal – ensuring the Simba Support Services is incorporated, keeps proper records, and complies with any relevant legislation and the Simba Support Services’ constitution.
  5. Financial – ensuring that all finances are properly managed, that records are audited annually and that accountability requirements of funding providers are fulfilled.
  6. Evaluation – monitoring all activities by the Simba Support Services with feedback contributing to the continuous improvement in governance and service delivery.

Why wait, If this sounds like a role that might interest you, we will be delighted to hear from you. Please contact complete the Committee Member Application Form or by calling 03 5608 0954 for more information and support.