Our NDIS Services

Simba Support Services will provide a wide spectrum of services to every person with a disability and their family through the help of NDIS. We make sure that you get the most out of the services offered so you can live a better life. We can help you live the normal kind of life that you deserve. To make this aim possible, we offer you and your family some services. Here are the supports we can offer:

  • Accommodation / Tenancy

We can offer support and service for accommodation and tenancy so you can live in a place you need.

  • Assist – Travel / Transport

We can help give assistance if you often travel. This will help you have an easy and seamless travel wherever you wish to go.

  • Community Nursing Care

We provide a community nursing care and visit the place where our service and support are highly needed.

  • Therapeutic Supports

We will provide therapeutic supports so we can aid the pains and injuries you feel.

  • Household Tasks

We can even provide support and services for the household tasks. We are with you in the finishing of the chores.

  • Assist Personal Activities

If there are things you love to do and cannot do it in your own way, we will be there to make it come to life. Our experts are passionate to help you with this.

  • Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

We can assist you with the daily tasks if you like. We can even help your family who is with you inside your home to have a seamless way to go over with the tasks.

  • Group/Centre Activities

Letting you enjoy a normal life with the people around you is made possible by Simba Support Services.

  • Participant Community

Let yourself have a role in the community. We will help you stay in touch with the people who you never had a chance to mingle before. We can help you get involved.

  • Plan Management

We can help you have a good plan management for your life so you will know what to do next and how to do it.

To find out more about our other services and support, feel free to call us on 0356080954 or email info@simbasss.com. Simba Support Services is here willing to be a channel of happier, better and more livable life.