We here at Simba Support Services are dedicated to caring with utmost sincerity and passion of various individuals who need a helping hand in their lives. We offer full support for those that have been less fortunate and have been directly affected by a disability that disrupts them right to living a normal healthy life.

The community of the disabled should be given equal rights to determining their best choices and provide better control of their lives. Our passionate and highly qualified personnel on providing the necessary care and affection along with the various methods of support that is important in those who need a control of their independent living.

Our dedicated community service group will be sure to take into account all the necessary details of the requirement for the each individual giving them a good grasp of their rights. Acknowledging the individuals communiation needs regardless of the invidiauls disability or cultural background.

We make use of different formats of communication including the likes of face to face and phone explanation, advocates, Easy English, interpreters and as well as differing languages for easier communications. With services expanding to other regions if the need arises, we usually accommodate those within the Gippsland, Victorian area for easier access to our range of services.

Child Safety Commitment 

Simba Support Service strong commitment of the management, staff and volunteers to child safety. We are committed to child safety and we have;

–    Zero Toerlance for child abuse

–    Child Best interest and keeping them protected from harm 

–   Support and respect children with disability and diverse cultures