Home and Community Support

Flexible range of support services

When you need help at home or among the community to enjoy a healthy life, Simba Support Services can provide the assistance you need. Put your mind at ease with our complete range of support services, tailored to your circumstances.

What to expect from us at Simba

  • We listen to what you want and need
  • We are focused on client centred-approach
  • We involve you throughout the entire process

Our home and community support services encompass treatment of the mind as well as the body. Intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social, environmental, emotional, and physical aspects are all important for the wellness of an individual.

Support Coordination

Simba Support Services is registered under the NDIS to deliver Support Coordination. We are here to take the pressure off you and ensure that all your NDIS Plan goals are being implemented for you with ease.

How can we help you?

  • Set up your NDIS Participant portal (proda).
  • Support you in understanding and interpreting your NDIS Plan
  • Find and connect you with services who are able to meet and achieve your goals.
  • Support you in getting the most out of your budget
  • Link you with other mainstream services; employment, public health, housing and education.

Plan Management

Let us take the stress away from you when managing your NDIS Plan finances.

We do this by processing your invoices and paying service providers, organise paperwork, provide you with expenditure reports, and send you monthly statements. You can also request some plan management activities to help you build your ability to self-manage.

Community support

Accessing community-based support services can be a huge relief at a stressful time. It means you can remain among your family, friends and support networks, and still work if you can, while receiving treatment. Your rehabilitation time can be reduced as a result of less disruption, continuity of care and support, and elimination of stigma of being singled out.


Respite, also known as Short-term care, is available for you within your own home. We understand that families and carers need time off while providing care for their loved one. We can tailor support around your loved one, while you need time off and we ensure that while doing it, you will be relaxed and at ease.

We provide in-home respite, to give you a short break from your daily routine.

You may require a respite service if:

  • You have recently fallen ill and temporarily need support within your home
  • Your carer has become ill or requires medical treatment and unable to care for you

We can provide respite within the comfort of your own home through:

  • Overnight carer stays
  • Weekday and weekend visits
  • Short day or full day support

In accordance with your needs, we can tailor the support around you. We have a great team, who are experienced in supporting families and children.

Therapeutic Support

Participate in daily practical activities to improve your communication and language, movement and flexible mobility, regular personal care, interpersonal interactions and living in communities.

Our Therapeutic Support service is tailored to your needs.

Home Help and Gardening

Home and community support includes general household services, like: cleaning, home and yard maintenance, laundry, and meal preparation and delivery.

Live well in your community with a helping hand around the home.

Recreation and Leisure

Keen to participate in arts, social activities, sports, and other fun activities? Simba Support Services is able to tailor group or centre activities for you.

You can enjoy:

  • Group Outing (Monthly / Fortnightly): make new friends, explore new places and have lots of fun.
  • Tailored Program: we can tailor a special program and activity for you.

Whether you want to go out for coffees, visit art galleries, crafts, gym, reading or attend social events and activities, we are able to assist you to ensure that your support needs are met while maintaining a fun and active lifestyle.

Life Skills

When your aim is to live well and with choice and independence, sometimes you could use a little help. Learn to handle your everyday responsibilities and discover your potential by building life skills such as:

  • Domestic tasks – laundry, cooking and cleaning.
  • Community access – outings to parks, libraries and restaurants.
  • Vocational activities – collecting recyclable material, computer lab, shredding, sorting and packing.

Specialised Driver Training

Everyone’s circumstances and abilities are different. We’ll help you to source the right driving instructor to teach you in an effective way for your learning needs and capabilities.

You’ll receive an Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment and be matched to one of our skilled in-house driving instructors, or a service suitable for your needs.

Build confidence in your safety on the road and enjoy the benefits of independent living.

Translating and Interpreting

We strive to ensure each individual’s communication needs are met regardless of their cultural background or abilities.

We make use of different formats of communication including face to face and phone explanation, advocates, Easy English, interpreters and as well as differing languages for easier communications.

Transportation Assistance

We know it means a lot to retain your independence. From getting the groceries and attending medical appointments to socialising and pursuing your interests, it’s important to be mobile.

If you don’t have a means of transport, our service enables you to get around in your usual routine with ease.

Accommodation / Tenancy

We can offer support and service for accommodation and tenancy so you can live in a place you need.

Assistance with Personal Activities

If there are things you love to do and cannot do them on your own, we will be there to help make them happen. Our expert team is passionate to help you enjoy life to the full.

Participate in the Community

Become an active part of the community. We will help you stay in touch with people you never had a chance to interact with before. We can help you get involved.

How we communicate with you:

Your individual communication needs are considered in all of our service delivery. We make use of different formats of communication including face to face, phone and written explanation, advocates, Easy English and interpreters.

Where we connect with you:

We usually accommodate those within the Gippsland, Victorian area and our range of services can expand to other regions if the need arises.

Contact us – We’re here to help


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