Supporting you to remain in your community

Accessing community-based support services can be a huge relief at a stressful time. Imagine the difference if you could remain at home, on your terms?

How we support you

  • You can remain at home with your family and friends around you
  • You could still work if you’re capable
  • You could enjoy greater continuity of care
  • You would continue as an active community member

How this helps you

  • Retain vital support networks throughout a difficult time
  • Maintain income, purpose, routine and productivity
  • Benefit from reduced rehabilitation time
  • Face less stigma as a result of being singled out

Simba Support Services can help you to live well at home through creating a support solution where you stay at home and in your community as much as possible. Contact us today to find out how.

Like to find out more about Community Support?

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