Discover your potential by building life skills

When your aim is to live well and with choice and independence, sometimes you could use a little help. Learn to handle your everyday responsibilities and discover your potential by building life skills.

How we support you

Need some help to master day to day responsibilities? Seeking some constructive ways to spend your time and build your future? We can help you learn life skills, such as:

  • Domestic tasks – laundry, cooking and cleaning.
  • Community access – outings to parks, libraries and restaurants.
  • Vocational activities – collecting recyclable material, computer lab, shredding, sorting and packing.

How this helps you

Make the best use of your time and talents with a little help to learn life skills.

  • Feel more confident to go about your daily life
  • Start to get out for new activities on your own, feeling independent
  • Discover your potential for engaging in meaningful work

Want to learn life skills for greater independence?

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