Helping you access translation and interpreter services in Victoria

At Simba Support Services we understand that different people have different challenges and strengths in communicating in a diverse community.
We strive to ensure each individual’s communication needs are met regardless of their cultural background or abilities.

How we support you

Simba helps you make use of different formats of communication to access NDIS services, including:

  • face to face and phone explanation
  • the use of advocates to help on your behalf
  • Easy English
  • Interpreters – external or some of Simba’s staff might speak your language

How this helps you

You’ll feel assured you’ve explored all your options when you can make yourself understood:

  • Meetings or phone calls might suit if you prefer to speak or interact directly
  • You can appoint someone to represent you, if that’s more comfortable
  • We’ll make it as clear as possible through Easy English techniques
  • Gain more clarity through communicating in your own language

Want to access interpreting or translating services?

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