Our Values

Our Core Values

Here at Simba Support Services, we sincerely abide with our values. We take these core values as our foundations in continuing to serve the community in the best ways possible. Our core values motivate us to achieve our long-term vision and mission. We believe that every community not only in Australia deserves care and compassion.

  • Community: We are part of the community, thus, create and enable a cohesive community that is built on trust, autonomy, independence, and respect. We aim to support communities that are in need of genuine service. At Simba Support Services, we are one. No one is left behind.
  • Care: We genuinely care about client outcomes and strive to provide the highest quality support to our clients. When Victor established Simba Support Services, clients have always been his utmost priority. As an active social volunteer, he believes that in order to achieve the highest quality of service, Simba should serve with care. Here, you can assure that you can be taken care of.
  • Compassion: All of our interactions are based on compassion and respect for each other. Compassion is very important in any relationship and the relationship that we built inside communities are always ready to give care and share empathy with one another. Our compassion drives us to continue helping others when it comes to household tasks and personalized activities. As we want our communities to be cohesive, we make compassion work in each and every one of us.

Simba Support Services: One World, Our Community,

Your Outcomes

If you are looking for support services in Victoria, Simba Support Services is here for you. “One World, Our Community, Your Outcomes”. We are here to maintain unity in the world and in the community to achieve better outcomes for our clients.

If we work together as one world, our communities will not only learn how to survive but also share a common goal of sustaining support in Australia and eventually in other places, too. 

Feel free to call us today on 03 56080954 or email info@simbasss.com.