Simba is a newly established community support services that aim to create a strong community bond with the people, whereby its members feel connected and valued. People with disability have the same right as other Australians to determine their best interests and to have choice and control over their lives.

Simba works with vast members of the community; family, individuals, youth, children, and other community organizations to deliver its services and supports. We value all members of the community in which we operate and we believe in working collaboratively in one world, Our Community, and Your Outcomes.

Our commitment to deal with this community service is very strong that we highly appreciate every little thing the community could provide for us. Services that would be a great deal for the people who are truly in need is enough to at least recognize that generosity among people.

Our vision is to create, encourage and support people and ideas to build a strong and compassionate community. We will achieve our vision by providing high quality, compassionate care and support that empowers individuals, families and the broader community to live the best version of their lives.

All of our operations and activities are built upon the values of:

  1. Community – We are part of, create and enable a cohesive community.
  2. Care – We genuinely care about client outcomes and strive to provide the highest quality support to our clients.
  3. Compassion – All of our interactions are based on compassion and respect for each other.

Our institution is dedicated to implementing the daily operations and activities that are very significant for permanently disabled people. We know that what they are enduring in their lives is not as easy as that. That is why we are reasonably supporting their daily needs to enjoy their moments in an ordinary life.

Furthermore, we tend to help people with disability to achieve their goals by means of providing a great independence, community involvement, employment and improved well-being.  All the efforts that we are exerting for disabled people provide us the contentment in life. By just seeing them smile means a lot to us.

We offer this simple act of kindness that is very appreciative in many ways. Although it may sound like just simple, it means a lot to disabled people who could see how our institution strive for them to better and efficient. We are not just a simple institution for disabled people who need assistance and services, it is definitely a place where a disabled person could enjoy to live with.

We have reliable people who are doing enormous jobs to fill the every need of our clients. All of the workers that are throwing every shed of their tears know what these disabled people need in lives. Apart from providing the basic necessities, they are requiring, the very thing that they need is acceptance and love.

At Simba, all are welcomed and treated equally. It is our prime purpose with the values. To be part of community where you are welcomed and accepted. To have a genuine care and support to the needs of our clients. Be more compassionate with everyone. This is what our clients need. And Simba is always here to provide it.
To find out more about our other services and support, feel free to call us on 0356080954 or email info@simbasss.com.