We are part of, create and enable a cohesive community.


We genuinely care about client outcomes and strive to provide the highest quality support to our clients.


All of our interactions are based on compassion and respect for each other.

Personalised Activities

Empower, Encourage and Support People and Ideas

When you need some support to live your best life, we can help.

Need personalised care that looks after your needs?

Enriching people’s lives by providing compassionate care and meaningful experiences is what we do.

We’ll be your creative, caring, and knowledgeable partner in the community.

We provide diverse group outings, day and one-on-one programs, and customised activities.

Anyone, regardless of their age and ability, is entitled to live actively and be re-engaged in vital activities. We provide programs that involve everyone. We encourage all our clients to interact with others at all levels of ability.

You’re valued through positive, social interactions facilitated between families and individuals. We design each activity in a special personalised way. Hence, every participant feels better about himself/herself while having fun in a warm, welcoming group.

Simba Support Services takes care of your needs with personalised support. We help people with autism, behavioural needs, intellectual disabilities, visual impairments, head injuries, cerebral palsy, orthopaedic needs, other disabilities or elderly Australians.

General Household Services

Need some support for general household services, like: cleaning, home and yard maintenance, laundry, and meal preparation and delivery?

We understand the challenges of taking care of yourself and your home among the physical, mental and emotional demands of life. A little support can go a long way to helping you enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Talk to us about your individual needs and we’ll come up with a personalised care arrangement to get you through the tough times.

At Simba, we believe everyone in our community deserves personalised care and attention to help overcome life’s daily challenges. With our help, you’ll get those household services taken care of in a hassle-free way, freeing you up to do more activities you enjoy.

At Simba Support Services, we sincerely and compassionately provide individuals a helping hand. The full support we offer allows people with high care needs to live vibrant, healthy lives.

We actively advocate for the rights of disabled people in making the best choices and taking control of their lives. Our caring and highly qualified personnel give you individualised care and attention.

Where is Simba Support Services?

At present, we are expanding our services to more regions. We now extend our expansive range of support services to people in Gippsland and the Victorian area.

News & Events


Simba Support Services is a newly established organization that provides community support services. Our company aims to create a strong community wherein members feel connected and valued. We work with vast members of the community, family, individuals, youth, children, and other community organizations to deliver our services and supports.

Simba has been established because of its strong meaning. It means strength, togetherness, and connection amongst people from all kind and those who need support and empower every individual within the community regardless of age, sex, agenda, background or disability. We do not treat people with disabilities as outcasts of the community but as people who are identified, channeled, and supported in a more special way.

The Most Outstanding Disability Organisation in Australasia 2018


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