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About Supported Independent Living


We are a seasoned supplier of Supported Independent Living NDIS services. We provide support and accommodation services to accommodate your or your loved ones’ specific requirements. Additionally, we can link you to health care professionals and other service providers so that you or your loved one can develop capacity skills for more independence.


 What is NDIS Supported Independent Living Accommodation?

 Supported Independent Living (SIL)allows yourself or your loved onetolive as independently as possible, whilst also receiving assistance services like accessibility to housing and therapy, personal treatment and transportation.

 The objectives of SIL are to provide support for daily living and assist in gaining the skills needed to lead the life you would like to live,in the way you would like to live it.

 The assistance is provided to people eligible for Supported Independent Living either within their own home or in a dedicated SIL property.

 We provide varying services for accommodation, including Short-Term and Medium-Term Housing and Supported Independent Living. We also work with Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers throughout Australia to satisfy your requirements.

 SDA is just one of the options for support available through our partnerships. If you’re an eligible NDIS Participant, it may be covered by a branch of funding that is specifically dedicated to SDA.

 Types of Supported Independent Living


Based on the individuals’ own desires and needs, we can offer and coordinate a variety of support to facilitate Independent Living.

 NDIS Short Term Accommodation& Respite

NDIS offers short-term housing for those times when yourself for your loved ones require housing and assistance for a brief period. In short term accommodation, we offer the same high-quality support for everyday living.

Respite accommodations provided by the NDIS can allow caregivers to take a short break from the responsibilities of caring for a loved one experiencing disability.

NDIS participants can also utilise respite accommodation to enjoy a short visit away from home, to take a break for themselves.


Assisted Living

Assisted living homes are best suitable for people experiencing disability, who require assistance in daily activities, such as cooking and cleaning and personal care. You or someone you love gets may get this help as part of the daily routine in an apartment or home.


Disability Independent Living

Disability independent living is specifically designed for people experiencing disability,who can live independently with minimal hands-on support. Most homes are shared with persons with similar support desires and requirements.


Disability Group Homes

If you or your loved ones opt for group homes and care through Simba, we will assist you in daily living, and other assisted Independent Living needs. Simba wants to ensure your or your loved ones’ comfort and compatibility with other residents in the group home, which is why we strive to ensure that you or your loved ones have a home best suited to you.


Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Disability housing, also called Special Disability Accommodation (SDA), is a type of housing that caters to people with specialist support needs. SDA allows for specialised housing, for instance, for people who have complex disabilities or with significant impairments in daily living.


Why Choose Simba for Supported Independent Living?

Our customers prefer us because we give them the services they need to live according to their preferences. We’re a person-centred service and will put your or your loved ones’ desires and preferences as the number one priority.

 Our experienced team memberswill develop a strategy together with yourself and your care team to meet every need. This will assist in developing personal capabilities that will allow individuals to be as independent as they can, whether in shared spaces or your own home.

 Simba can help you navigate the financing options to fund Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), making the process simpler and more manageable.

 At Simba, we go beyond the basics of housing, to coordinate and provide an independent living experience that allow yourself or your loved ones to thrive and live in a more independent environment.



 If you would like to find out more information on our services, feel free to visit our office locations

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